Rethinking Your Resume
Your Resume Should Be A Living Document

By Richard Rissanen • Follow: Twitter, LinkedIn

picture of guy in a coffee shop with a computer

If someone asked for your resume right now, would you have it on you? If your resume is online, it is always available when opportunities present themselves. Imagine running into a potential client in a coffee shop over the weekend. They ask for something more formal than your elevator pitch. What will you give them?

If someone asked for your resume right now, would it be up to date? Opportunity is a fleeting mistress; you never know when she will show up. It is imperative that you keep your resume relevant. At we suggest any event of merit should be a trigger to update your resume.

  • When you finish a project? Update your resume.
  • Learn a new language or framework? Update your resume.
  • Released a new version of an open source project? Update your resume.
  • Integrated with a popular third-party API? Update your resume!

Your resume should be a living document: always online, always up to date, and always ready when someone asks.

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